"I just wanted to say that I had a lovely conversation with Mrs. T, Mr. T’s Mom. She said the nicest things about your facility and staff. She was very happy he was there. She said the staff communicates well with her and keeps her up to date with everything and the nursing staff cares for him. “If he had to be at a nursing home, that’s where he should be.“ Great Job Pinecrest! Thank you all for what you do! " - Ana Bravo, LCSW
"It's easy to be grateful when there are wonderful people like you in the world. To all members of the staff of Pinecrest Rehabilitation Center directly and indirectly involved with the care of my mother, Delaine Carter, a heartfelt Thank You!! Your dedication to providing what was needed and necessary for her to move forward won't be forgotten. I know that it was not always easy, but you didn't give up on what she needed to have for her care. Even though I was not at her bedside all the time, all the communications with various staff members reassured me that her care was being provided. Again, a million thanks for caring for her various issues and making her as comfortable as possible!! " - Dalaine Bois and Family
"I must say that my brother Tom is much better satisfied at Pinecrest than the other facilities he has resided in. We appreciate the care he is receiving. " - Rita K
"I am Deloris Collins, RN., my mother, Ms. Murdena Redden, is currently a patient at Pinecrest Rehabilitation Center in Room 115. If I had a problem with the care my mother was receiving I would certainly bring it to your attention. I am so absolutely satisfied with the tremendous attention to all aspects of her health, I should thankfully acknowledge the concerted efforts of your healthcare team. My mom was diagnosed as a functioning Quadriplegic, secondary to strokes and Alzheimer disease, thanks to the skilled targeted Physical and Occupational therapy provided in a conversational and energetic atmosphere she is now sitting up without falling over and feeding herself as she continues to get stronger; she is also more socially active. The nursing staff collaborated with the nutritionist to ensure patient specific care to facilitate wound healing and improved her general health. The Certified Nursing Assistants take meticulous care of my mother, who is totally dependent on care givers for all her activities of daily living. My mom is always clean and dry and her surrounding area is always tidy. For all of this and more I want to say thank you. Thank you for listening to and promptly addressing every single concern that I bring to your attention. I am able to go home and feel confident that she is ok because I trust that my mom is in good hands. " - Deloris C
"The family of Louis Michel wants to thank the administration and the staff of Pinecrest Rehabilitation Center for your hard work and dedicated service. The rehabilitation team is super loving, patient and compassionate, your expertise made a big difference in our family's lives. The front desk, thank you. Everyone was nice! " - The family of Louis Michel
"I would recommend Pinecrest Rehabilitation Center with my eyes closed. My family and I appreciate everyone here. From the beginning the Therapy Department has been going above and beyond, to try and get my dad back to himself. I'm grateful for the Activities Department keeping him company and giving him things to do. The nutrition and kitchen staff is also appreciated. At home my dad was not eating lost a lot of weight so we feel a lot better knowing he is eating better and his weight is being watched. The soups and entrees are wonderful, he is eating more and feeding himself too! The Nurses and the Assistants are very caring and they do a great job in taking care of my dad and keeping him looking good. The Social Work Department does a great job helping with my dad and answering questions. I appreciate all the help I got from the Admissions department with trying to get residency for my dad. I also want to thank the Care Plan Department for the meeting information and everything they do too. I used to live near by and knew this would be a great place for my dad. My family really appreciates everyone. Keep up the good work. " - Milagros F. and Lazaro O
"My name is ReginaldB B (Room 124C), I have been a resident of Pinecrest Rehabilitation Center for the past month. I felt compelled to let you know how delightful the transition has been. I moved from my home to the rehab center, I thought it would be difficult. However, with the assistance of your exceptional nursing and administrative staff, the transition was made easy with everyone of my problems and concerns being addressed in an efficient and expeditious manner. They have made me feel 'Right-at-Home'. I have been under the care of the Veterans Administration for many years and have been in many hospitals and care facilities during that time I commend you for assembling such a dedicated and caring staff. The cooking staff must be singled out for the Love and Care expressed in the quality and presentation of every meal. Again, I commend you and THANK YOU - GOD'S BLESSINGS TO YOU AND PINECREST." - Reginald B
"I would like to convey my sincere thanks to you and your staff for the courtesy extended to my mother Norma in room 118, during the week delightful stay she had at your facility. I would like to express my appreciation for the remarkable services rendered. This was our first experience in placing my mother in a Rehabilitation Center/Nursing Home. Your staff was very helpful and attentive from the beginning to all of her needs. Your Rehabilitation Department is exceptional, and the nursing assistants are courteous and amicable making her stay very memorable. The experience was great from the admission (Jackie) to the care my mother received. I will be referring you facility to the community, everyone will be hearing how wonderful and welcoming Pinecrest Convalescents is." - Mayte
"The primary purpose of my stay at Pinecrest was for the physical therapy, which I experience with phenomenal results. The first phase of my stay I was unable to bend my left leg since the infected joint had been removed and replaced with a spacer consisting of antibiotic cement. This part of my therapy enabled me to develop the physical strength necessary for the next chapter of my recovery. For the second phase of my experience, my new knee joint had been inserted and my physical therapy took on a different form. I can truly say my physical therapy made all of the difference. Not on was it intensive, it was valuable since it enabled me to reach a satisfactory level of functioning upon my dismissal.

Additionally, my weekly medical appointments were handled promptly with thorough efficiency and appropriate follow-up. All aspects were addressed, including preliminary test preparations and commencing with arrange transportation. It is obvious that every single member of the staff at Pinecrest are committed to high performance and try to provide a safe, warm environment for all residents. No matter the time of day or night, a friendly smile and warm encouragement was always present. From the top down, Pinecrest is the very best! Thank you for everything, this was an extremely positive experience. Please be kind enough to share this letter with your entire staff." - Merry
"We really appreciate the way you rescued my husband and I and nursed him. I really believe he´s going to continue to make progress and come back to visit. What you have done will be remembered in our hearts. Thank you!" - Willie & Family
"The family of the late John C. Morrison Sr., wants to thank each and everyone of you for the care and all of the concern you had for our loved one. We truly felt the love, compassion and the honesty from you all. I can´t mention all the names, but thanks again to all of you from the lobby to the kitchen. It was a blessing to be around such pleasant and concerned people day after day. May God continue to watch over each and every one of you!!

For you´re among the nicest people I have ever known, and you´ll never be forgotten for the thoughtfulness you´ve shown. Thanks for everything. " - Mina, Wilda, and Morrison Family
"All the staff were great - so much so that we will be back with Mom after her left knee surgery. " - A.Smith
"I would like to thank you for your outstanding commitment to quality care and concern. The staff at Pinecrest has shown nothing but professionalism and the treatment has been much appreciated. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few of the staff members: First, Mr. Rolando Garcia (Business Office Mgr.), who I met the first evening I was there. He introduced himself to me and welcomed me. Ever since that day he has greeted me by my name.

Second, the next day, I met Ms. Krystle Miles (Social Services Dir.) and it didn’t take long for me to realize that she is a hard working and dedicated Pinecrest employee. Something that stood out was that she was never too busy to lend and ear. I want you to know how blessed Pinecrest is to have Ms. Miles as part of your team. Third, Ms. Latresa Baker (Medicaid Specialist), who I would say is also a hard worker and dedicated to Pinecrest. Ms. Baker also took the time to interact with the patients. It seems to me that it all starts with Ms. Baker. She is a very special find.

Fourth, Ms. Joyce Buiey (Director of Nursing) shows outstanding leadership and because of that she gets the respect of her nursing team. The following are a few of her team members that have shown outstanding care, concern and professionalism: Ms. Berlande Fertil, Ms. Johanna Vilma, Ms. Shelly Antoine-Joseph and Ms. Sacha Brice. Fifth, Ms. Moya Patrick (Social Services Assn’t), who I saw every day giving it her all in everything that she did. Always smiling and helped anyone she could. I would dare say that she is also committed and dedicated to Pinecrest.

Last but not least, Ms. Rita Evey (PTA) and the Physical and Occupational Therapy Department including: Maria Carona (OTR), Jayce Evey (PTA), Wendy Blackstone (PTA) and Liela (COTA Student) have done an outstanding job with me. They have done any and everything to get me where I am today. I will forever be thankful for all that they have done. Pinecrest should be very proud of their staff. They really care about helping and making us better. " - Mr. Andre R
"I, Ms. D. Baker, am commending you all for the help that was given to me when I came here as a patient. It was a critical time in my life. Yes, I was not able to function then, but I'm letting you all know that I truly appreciate all of your help. Even now, I still thank all of you for your help and your prayers. My Wound Care Nurses, Ms. Brice, Ms. Antione, and Mr. Torres, I thank G-d for all you did for me for going over and beyond the call of duty; along with telling me that I have to get out of my bed. I also want to thank Ms. Blackstone in therapy for bringing some exercise equipment to my room and helping and showing me how to regain my strength. She was very helpful to me. Thank you also to Ms. Baker in the Admission's office, she was very patient with me. And please don't let me forget to thank my CNAs - Ms. Louis, Ms. Carvil, and Ms. Previlus. Keep them all on your staff for they don't mind reaching out to help their patients day or night. Also, thank you to the caring kitchen staff so that they may continue feeding the residents at Pinecrest. Now the time has come when I must move on to greater and better things in my life. May G-d keep all of you in his daily care. " - Ms. D. Baker